Bespoke Media Events

Introducing Community Media Events

Community Media Events
Your event can be staged for 1, 2 or 3 consecutive days in locations of your choice in the heart of your local community… choose Shopping Centres, High Streets, Markets, Housing Estates, Community Centres, Parks and Public Places to launch your campaign.

The focal point of your Interactive Community Engagement Roadshow will be a huge open sided trailer housing HD plasma screens or in shopping centre locations, an HD plasma videowall.

These impressive and exclusive, interactive media events are about engaging, consulting and educating your target audience. Face-to-face customer engagement from your staff and our experienced personnel. It offers a unique and exciting platform.

Public Engagement


Our Roadshow manager will undertake public engagement alongside your staff. This will include distribution of leaflets and also market research if you require it. Expert social marketing staff.

The Community Engagement Roadshow

Outdoor Media Events

A huge Exhibition trailer, housing large high definition plasma screens or high definition videowall display. Reach people in your local community in locations to suit your target audiences. Display stand – social marketing platform.

Live Action Film

Love Nursing

Your own bespoke live action film produced in high definition to target your key messages.

Future Benefits

Boardroom Presentation

You own it. Stream your film on your website or any social media platform including You Tube, Twitter, Linkedin. Broadcast it in your local GP surgeries, Children’s Centres, Housing Offices, Leisure Centres, Schools and Colleges.